Daniel Chaves and Tiffany Shubin

Danny is a business owner who works with several large car dealerships in California. He loves what he does and feels like he goes to work to see his friends everyday.

Tiffany currently has her BS in Food and Nutrition Science and will be getting her Masters in June just before the wedding. She will continue on with her education and start her RD internship in the fall before settling down to start a family.

Both Danny and Tiffany currently reside in Irvine with their two Yorkies Mia and Mylo. They enjoy wine, dining out with friends, exercising, watching movies and just spending time together.


Megan Magruder
Annie Felbab
Amy Molinari
Jennifer Havsgaard
Michelle Madden
Anita Alamshaw

Flower Girl is Cambria Jacobson

Tim Chaves
Eddie Reynoso
Eric Madden
Fred Alamshaw
Ryan Tounsley
Gary Chaves

Ring Bearer is Mason Molinari